Meadow Springs Early Learning Centre: Frequently Asked Questions

What age groups do you cater for?
• We cater for children aged 2 Years old to school entry age.
• Groups include:
Bumble bees: 2-3 years
Kindy: 3-4 years
Schoolies: Before school and after school care and vacation care program.

Are you an approved CCB / CCR childcare centre?
• Yes, we are a government approved service where parents can receive Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate for eligible services

What curriculum do you follow?
• Our centre operates in accordance with the National Quality Framework, which includes the use of the Early Years Learning Framework.
• Our Kindy Program (for the year before children attend school), uses the Western Australian Kindergarten Curriculum as well.

How do you ensure quality within the service?
• The service operates in accordance with the requirements set out in the National Quality Framework. This includes adhering to laws and regulations set out within the following documents:
Education and Care Services National Law
Education and Care Services National Regulations
National Quality Standards
• The centre will be required to go through the Assessment and Rating process on a regular basis.

Do you have a Kindergarten program?
• Yes we have a Kindergarten program that is delivered in our kindy room. Here your child will get to prepare for school in our homely environment. Vicki is a qualified early childhood teacher and ensures our kindy program is based on the children’s interests and meets the EYLF framework. At the end of the year your child will get to take their portfolio home.

What does the kindy program involve?
• The Kindy program is based around play based learning that incorporates the children’s interests and ideas throughout the program.

Can you cater for children with allergies / special dietary requirements?
• We aim to cater for all children with specific requirements at the centre.
• We cater for a variety of dietary requirements specific to individual needs.

What are your staff qualifications?
• Our staff vary in qualifications, based on their roles within the service. As a minimum, staff are required to have or be working towards their certificate 3 in children’s services, in the role of an Assistant Educator.
• A group Leader requires the staff to have or be working towards a Diploma of Children’s Services.
• The Teacher requires to have or be over half way through a degree in Early Childhood Education – Bachelor of Education, Early Childhood.

How do you assist with fussy eaters?
• Children who may be a little fussy are encouraged to at least try their meal. As children are all eating the same thing, the children are able to encourage each other.
• Staff engage with children by sitting and eating a meal with them, eating the same food, talking to them, asking children what they like or don’t like in the meal. We encourage children choose what they like out of their meals and eat it.
• Parents are welcome to provide a sandwich or alternative if they would like for their child.

How can you assist my child to make a smooth transition?
• Through following the centre’s orientation process, meeting the staff at the centre and having an open door policy that encourages families to be involved in the centre.

Can I stay with my child or volunteer my time to help?
• We always love to have parent helpers and volunteers at the centre. You are always welcome to stay with your child, whether it’s to assist in settling them, observing your child’s interactions, or assisting in their room.
• We will often undertake excursions throughout the year to assist in supporting children’s learning and enjoyment. We also ask for parent volunteers during this time.

I want to book in my child, what do I need to do?
• Contact the centre to check for current availability or to place your name on the waiting list. If there are any vacancies, the centre may offer you a place at the service.

What is the enrolment process?
• Please complete the enquiry form at the bottom of this page. The Nominated Supervisor will contact you and provide you with an enrolment pack, including all relevant paperwork required.
• We ask that parents return paperwork as explained in the enrolment pack. Once paperwork is received and the Nominated Supervisor confirms your enrolment, you will be asked to make a ‘holding fee’ payment to secure your child’s position at the centre.
• We then suggest parents undertake an orientation process for their child, before commencing care. This process is further outlined in our enrolment pack.

Do you have an orientation process?
• Yes, we do. We encourage all children and families to undertake orientation at the centre. We encourage families to come to the centre, spend time with your child and allow yourselves and your child to become familiar with their new environment. We also welcome children to attend an orientation time on their own.

How can I be reassured that my child is settling into their new environment?
• Children all vary in their ability to settle into a new environment. Some children will adapt and settle very quickly, where others may take longer. We encourage parents to contact the centre any time to enquire about their child and how they are settling. The staff will share information at the end of the day (or during) to notify parents of their child’s overall day.
• We aim to have consistency of staffing to allow for bonds to be formed between staff, children and families.
• We encourage all our staff to meet new children at the centre to allow for children and families to find familiarity on drop off and daily routines.

What do we need to provide when our child attends your service?
• Most age groups require that you provide the same items. These include:
bag with spare clothes
multiple spare clothes if toilet training
At least 4 nappies if needed
one nappy if only in a sleep time nappy
sheets (cot sheets) for cots/beds for rest time
warmer clothes for cooler weather
Any comfort items for your child.

Are all children immunised at your service?
• We strongly suggest that children are immunised, however it is not a legal requirement to attend the service.
• If your child is not immunised, you may not be eligible to receive Child Care Benefit or Child Care Rebate. You will be required to contact Centrelink to find out your eligibility for CCB and CCR.

What if my child gets sick? (Illness and exclusion periods)
• The centre has an illness and infection control policy that adheres to regulations set out in the ‘Staying Healthy in Child Care’ manual.
• If your child falls ill whilst in care, the centre will contact you to organise collection of your child. During this time, your child may be kept in isolation to minimise the spread of infection.
• The centre will notify you of any exclusion periods for illnesses at the centre.

What are your opening hours – daily, weekly, holidays, etc?
• The centre is open Monday to Friday, from 7.00am until 6.00pm.
• The centre is closed on all public holidays.
• We are closed for one week over the Christmas period. You are not charged for this week.